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(Group articles are specifically written by Paul Gallant, Joanne Eisen, Alan Chwick & Sherry Gallant)
  1. How Britain Cooks the Books (NRA:Americas First Freedom, Janruary 2014, Page 30)
  2. Special Investigation: The Biggest Crime of Them All, Gaming the UK Crime Rate (Ammoland (10/23/2013))
  3. Special Investigation: The Truth About British Crime Rates (Ammoland (10/14/2013))
  4. The Tallest Tale: U.K. Crime is Down…NOT (Ammoland (10/07/2013))
  5. US Gun Owners: Felon or Free (Ammoland (09/20/2013))
  6. Gun Violence and the ‘War On Drugs’ (Ammoland (03/18/2013))
  7. How Do You Spell More Useless Embargoes: ‘ARMS TRADE TREATY' (Ammoland (10/01/2012))
  8. REVCON 2012 – Prelude To A New Arms Trade Treaty (Ammoland (08/24/2012))
  9. Arms Trade Treaty Salesmen Changing Strategy – In Their Own Words (Ammoland (08/10/2012))
  10. Arms Trade Treaty – Down, But Not Out (Ammoland (07/30/2012))
  11. Uncovered Documents Show Private Arms & Ammunition to Be Included in Arms Trade Treaty Read (Ammoland (07/24/2012))
  12. The Arms Trade Treaty – Falling Apart? (Ammoland (07/23/2012))
  13. The Hidden Costs of The Arms Trade Treaty (Ammoland (07/09/2012))
  14. UN Arms Trade Treaty – Targeting U.S. Guns as a Cure-All for Global Violence? (Ammoland (06/25/2012))
  15. The Lie Behind the Arms Trade Treaty (Blue Press (05/2012))
        and Article POSTed at Ammoland
  16. Arms Trade Treaty – The Hell With Congress (Ammoland (03/12/2012))
  17. The Arms Trade Treaty & Our Constitutions Loophole (Ammoland (02/27/2012))
  18. THE UN’S Arms Trade Treaty—Perverting LOGIC While Banning Guns (Ammoland (02/14/2012))
  19. 740,000 New Lies
  20. Numbers From Nowhere
  21. Declining Gun Ownership
  22. Global Weapons
  23. Massacring 'Norm' of Armed Citizenry
  24. The Coming Gun Battle
  25. 'Norming' Guns Away

Dr. Paul Gallant received his Bachelor of Science from Brooklyn College, City University of New York, with a major in Chemistry. He then earned an M.A. in Chemistry from Brooklyn College. He received a Doctor of Optometry degree (O.D.) from the State University of New York, College of Optometry, in 1976. Between 1978 and 2009, Paul has been engaged in the private practice of optometry in Rockland County, New York. He relocated to Long Island in the summer of 2009, where he resumed his practice.

Dr. Joanne D. Eisen received her B.A. from Queens College, City University of New York, in Chemistry/Biology. She earned her D.D.S. degree from New York University in 1966. Since 1966, Joanne has been engaged full-time in the private practice of dentistry in Old Bethpage, New York.

Paul and Joanne met in 1994 and shortly thereafter, they began co-authoring newspaper and magazine articles on firearms policy. Among their early research was one of the first anonymous gun-owner surveys, designed to measure the true social and political attitudes of gun-owners.  Joanne and Paul became affiliated with the Independence Institute, Golden, CO, in 2000 where they are Senior Fellows. In recent years, Paul and Joanne have often co-authored articles with David B. Kopel, the Research Director of the Independence Institute, and more recently with Alan Chwick & Sherry Gallant.

The topics of their writing include biographical essays of persons such as First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt, Civil War General Ambrose Burnside, and painter Leonardo da Vinci, as well as analyses of various social and political issues.

The leading topic of their research, however, is analysis of the social and political effects of firearms and of firearms laws around the world. Among the countries Paul and Joanne have written about are Albania, Australia, Bosnia and Herzegovina,  Bougainville, Brazil, Bulgaria, Cambodia, Canada, DR Congo, Croatia, East Timor, El Salvador, Ethiopia, Guatemala, Ivory Coast, Jamaica, Kenya, Macedonia, Mali, Montenegro, New Zealand, Panama, Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Serbia, Sri Lanka, the Solomon Islands, South Africa, the Sudan, Tajikistan, Uganda, United Kingdom, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.

Their writings have appeared in the Brown Journal of World Affairs, Texas Review of Law & Politics, UMKC Law Review, Engage, Notre Dame Law Review, Journal of Law, Economics & Policy, Jindal Global Law Review, Journal of Firearms & Public Policy, National Review Online, Tech Central Station, Reason Online, The Blue Press, and Chronicles. They are contributors to the award-winning academic encyclopedia, Guns in American Society: An Encyclopedia of History, Politics, Culture, and the Law (2002, the American Library Association Booklist Editors choice 03, with updated entries to the 2010 Encyclopedia 2nd edition revision), and to The Day that Changed Everything: The Impact of 9/11 and the New Legal Landscape (2009, Palgrave McMillan Publ., Matthew Morgan, ed.).

Their current primary focus of international research is the prevention of genocide, and of human rights abuse. Doctors Gallant & Eisen are members of the International Association of Genocide Scholars.

Mr. Alan J. Chwick, received his B.S. from the State University of New York at Albany, in Business Administration and Data Processing, plus an A.S. from Nassau Community College, in Accounting. Alan has been engaged full-time, since 1975, in the private sector as an Independent IT & Facilities Consultant in Freeport, New York (The Complete Machine, Inc.). He is currently the Managing Coach of the Freeport Junior Club (FJC), at the Freeport NY Revolver & Rifle Association. Additionally, he has been involved with firearms much of his life, and is extremely active in the Second Amendment, of the U.S. Bill of Rights, political arena in Nassau County and the State of New York. He is responsible, with the aid of a knowledgeable lawyer, Mr. Robert Firriolo, for changing the face of Preemption, for NYS Penal Code 400, in NYS with his case win against Nassau County (Citation: Chwick v. Mulvey, 81 A.D.3d 161, 915 N.Y.S.2d 578 (2nd Dept. 2010)), and was a strong element in the changing of NYS PL 265.20.7e, permitting 14-20 year olds to handle a firearm. At the FJC, Alan, with the help of Mr. Edward Botsch, Coach, and an excellent staff of Range Officers, teach and promote firearm safety and use, plus general competitive shooting and good sportsmanship training to youths aged 5-21.

Ms. Sherry Gallant received her Bachelor of Science degree from Brooklyn College, City University of New York, in 1969, with a major in chemistry, and with honors of magna cum laude, and Phi Beta Kappa. She then worked at Squibb Pharmaceuticals as a quality control chemist for a year, followed by 4 years as a claims adjudicator for the Social Security Administration, in Queens, N.Y. Subsequently, she served as office manager and technician at her husband’s private practice of Optometry in Rockland County, NY. After she and her husband relocated to Long Island in 2009, she continued in her optometric capacity. She also currently provides financial and secretarial guidance for her daughter’s corporation in litigation consulting. She has been involved in her husband’s firearm-related writing from the beginning, assisting with research, editing, and proofing, especially with regard to law journal articles. More recently, she has taken an active role in the formal writing of firearm-related articles.

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  1. UN Arms Trade Treaty Saga Continues Despite Blatant World Failures By Gary Mauser, Joanne Eisen & Alan Chwick (Ammoland (10/25/2022))
  2. Arms Trade Treaty Report 09/2021 – What the Hell Just Happened? By Alan Chwick & Joanne Eisen (Ammoland (09/29/2021))
  3. UN Arms Trade Treaty, The Biden Occupation, & The American People ~ VIDEO By Alan Chwick & Joanne Eisen (Ammoland (07/23/2021))
  4. Connections: the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty to the ATF Form 4473 By Alan Chwick & Joanne Eisen (Ammoland (02/24/2020))
  5. The 2019 UN Arms Trade Treaty & A Strange Turn Of Events By Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen (Ammoland (09/27/2019))
  6. Arms Trade Treaty, August 2019: The Fifth Conference of States Parties By Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen (Ammoland (05/27/2019))
  7. United Nations to Blame for 100,000’s of Military Grade Weapons on Black Market By Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen (Ammoland (10/08/2018))
  8. INTERVIEW: In The Crosshairs with Raquel Okyay 'Self Defense, the Moral Aspect' By Alan J Chwick (TLBTV (04/25/2018))
  9. An Education On Gun Rights : Surprisingly From The United Kingdom By Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen (Ammoland (12/04/2017))
  10. A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Arms Trade Treaty By Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen (Ammoland (10/26/2017))
  11. U. N. Arms Trade Treaty, Moving From One Failure To Another Authored by Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen (Ammoland (01/02/2017))
  12. Another Reason We Need Trump: To Gut the U.N. Arms Trade Treaty Authored by Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen (Ammoland (09/29/2016))
  13. Arms Trade Treaty, Weapons Manufacturers and Lunatics Authored by Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen (Ammoland (11/04/2015))
  14. We Will Be Watching By Alan J Chwick & Joanne D Eisen (Ammoland (09/16/2015))
  15. Dr. Paul Gallant, Second Amendment Defender & AmmoLand Contributor Dies Tribute by good friends Joanne D Eisen & Alan J Chwick (Ammoland (09/04/2015))
  16. The Firearm Is The Symbol Of Individual Sovereignty Authored by Alan Chwick & Joanne Eisen (Ammoland (07/02/2015))
  17. SACS: International Small Arms Control Standards – What Is It? Authored by Alan Chwick & Joanne Eisen (Ammoland (06/22/2015))
  18. The Freedom-Phobes Really Want Our Guns Authored by Alan Chwick & Joanne Eisen (Ammoland (02/25/2014))
  19. British Crime Statistics: Rotten From the Head Authored by Alan Chwick & Joanne Eisen (Ammoland (02/14/2012))
  20. The International Small Arms Control Standard:The Next Step of the UN Gun Ban Authored by Alan Chwick & Joanne Eisen (Ammoland (11/18/2013))
  21. Gun Control – Be Careful What You Wish (and Vote) For… Authored by Paul Gallant & Sherry Gallant (Ammoland (11/07/2013))
  22. The British Crime Rate Review 2013: The Hidden Winsor Report Authored by Alan Chwick & Joanne Eisen (Ammoland (11/06/2013))
  23. The British Are Coming, The British Are Coming… For Our Guns Authored by Alan Chwick, Richard Goldman & Joanne Eisen. Ammoland (04/30/2013))
  24. UN Arms Trade Treaty 2013 – It’s Back… Authored by Alan Chwick, Richard Goldman & Joanne Eisen. (Ammoland (03/13/2013))
  25. Arms Trade Treaty & Ratification Discussion - Alan Chwick Radio interview with Kate Krueger (09/16/2012) on KFNX "Talking Guns" (
  26. UN Gun Grabbers Only Want ‘Governments or Authorized Entities’ to Have Guns Authored by Alan Chwick & Joanne Eisen. (Ammoland (08/31/2012))
  27. Firearms Registration & Keeping Lists of Current Gun Owners Authored by Chwick & Eisen. (Ammoland (08/30/2012))
  28. ATT Predictions - Alan Chwick Radio interview with Ricci Ware on KTSA "Boomers & Shakers" (
  29. A Global Weapons Computer? Chwick NRA News Interview (Cam & Company, 05/09/2011)[Edited] (Piece authored by Paul Gallant, Alan Chwick, and Joanne D. Eisen, THE BLUE PRESS, June 2011, Issue 228, p. 64, Dillon Precision Products, Inc., Scottsdale, AZ.)

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Dr. Richard B. Goldman earned a B.S. in Geology from the State University of New York at Albany in 1974, and a D.D.S. from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in 1981. He has practiced dentistry for over 30 years, and is presently Vice President for Clinical Products for a major dental manufacturing company. He maintains life memberships in many national and state gun rights organizations, and has spent many years educating all who will listen about the relationship between civilian disarmament and government-sponsored genocide.

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